A Williams Weekend

Twenty years ago, Buds graduated from Williams College. We attended the 15 year reunion, and looked forward to the chance to return to the gorgeous Berkshires with the children to continue that exposure to the wonders of a college campus.

Mary and John also agreed to come down and spend a couple of the days at Williams with us to allow us the option for Buds and I to attend some of the adult events in the evening.

As always, Williamstown was beautiful. We loved spending time with Eric Kaye and family, Sarah Biran and her crew, and Pete and Val. I completely understand why Buds loved this school and these friends.

Breakfast time

They were intrigued by the library.

The wrestling room was a highlight for everyone.

The sweet girl

Buds hiked with some wrestling cohorts.

We love Pete and Val.

A little grappling

Thanks for the fun shot, Zoe.

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