I’m Baaaaacccckkkkk…

Kelly and Buds both pointed out that they could immediately tell when my life started to shift off the rails. I felt it was when I stopped going to CrossFit regularly. They both pegged no blog posts as the sign that something was amiss.

I have missed posting very much, and now that our new life is spooling up, I’m excited to write about the last 6 weeks of our life that haven’t been recorded for posterity.

Just a quick post right now to say we are alive and well and full of hope and excitement in Nashville. Two items of note for today:

1) Our new library allows us to check out ONE HUNDRED books per library card. Monkey and I both giggled with glee when our new librarian told us that.

2) Yessa has decided to indicate her exhaustion and heart bruising from all the changes in life and schedule and diet that we have gone through in the last two months by spiking a temp, getting a headache, and feeling sick to her stomach. We settled at home for the afternoon, which has been a blessing in disguise.

She’s had 4 showers and a bath this afternoon, which seems to be the one place she can feel more comfortable.

A home tour to come soon, but for now, know that all is well with us.

Someone was very tired on errands this morning.

Someone was very tired on errands this morning.